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Why understanding your values is good for business

Having strong values aids businesses in:

  • Identifying their ideal clientele
  • Clearly defining their mission statement
  • Developing concise marketing messaging
  • Identifying content topics
  • Decision making

Why do your personal values matter in business?

Whether consciously or subconsciously, our values drive our businesses and the decisions we make.

Many small businesses are born from a desire to see a change in a product, service, or industry. 

For example, Valle Creative Consulting was founded to help ethical businesses thrive while prioritizing their clientele and the greater good. I was frustrated that modern marketing uses borderline harassment tactics in advertising and preys on vulnerable emotions to drive conversions. I believe in a business world where empathy accelerates growth, and I exclusively work with businesses that share a similar ethos.

Understanding your values and how they intersect with your business clarifies your ideal audience and how to best communicate with them.

People want to support businesses that share their values and support causes they believe in.

People buy from people.

Defining your values makes it easier to be transparent with your audience, which builds trust and ultimately improves your clientele's lifetime value.

It also improves your offerings because when you’re clear on what you stand for, it’s easier to generate products or services that support those values. 

What are values in business? 

As small business owners and entrepreneurs, our business values are probably closely tied to our personal values. 

Your values drive business decisions and guide your priorities.

Most commonly, businesses distill their values into a mission statement that includes who they serve, the goal for their product or service, and why they’re in operation. 

Need help developing your mission statement?

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The “why” behind your business is where your values come into play. 

  • Why did you start your business? 

  • What was the inspiration? 

  • What motivates you each day? 

It’s the simplest way to identify your differentiators and what sets you apart from your competition. 

By understanding the driving forces behind your business, you’ll have an easier time crafting

  • marketing messaging,
  • blog posts,
  • social content,
  • and writing emails. 

Personal values defined

You may be wondering, “what are my personal values?” 

  • Consider what qualities you try to embody. 

  • Are there issues that you’re passionate about? 

  • What personality traits do you respect most in others? 

  • What influences how you behave? 

  • What is important to you and the way you live your life? 

What are some common values? 

Review this (non-comprehensive) list and select three to five values that speak to you and align with your business. After you select your values, do a quick word association for each value to spark further insight and reflection. 

Need help identifying your business values and differentiators? 


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