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What is your brand Authenticity Framework?

What is an authenticity framework? 

  • The foundation of your brand's organic content marketing. By identifying your values and core mission, you create engaging and transparent content to attract and convert your ideal customers. 

Authenticity is a hot topic in marketing, and for a good reason. 

Marketing technology is constantly evolving, but one thing remains constant:


You can't buy trust with marketing dollars; it is earned through a positive customer journey.

Their journey, more often than not, begins with your organic content.

Think about it. How often have you been served an ad, clicked on it, and then googled the company?

I always thoroughly check out a business' social channels and website before committing to a purchase. I want to ensure the business aligns with my goals and values.

Organic & social content are the building blocks of your authenticity framework.

They are the avenues through which you get to showcase your expertise and unique self. It's how to share your perspective, values, and insights.

Remember that there are real humans on the other side of the algorithm. If you're too focused on vanity metrics such as views and likes or too focused on how to "beat the algorithm," you're missing out on the real opportunity within organic platforms.

So, how can you be authentic within your organic content?

The "secret sauce" is transparency. Be honest with your audience about your values, products, processes, growth, struggles, expertise, etc. The list is infinite.

It is a robust foundation to have before you begin advertising.

People want to know about the brand's ethos and expertise before they spend their hard-earned dollars.

The customer journey is rarely Discovery >> Click >> Buy. 

It's more like Discovery >> Wait >> Research >> Google Company >> Explore Socials and Website >> Buy.

Your organic content is your first impression for new audience members and is a continued conversation with those already engaged. 

Capture quality leads with well-written and quality organic content marketing. 

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