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Positioning Powersheet: nail your positioning & watch your business grow!

Learn how to develop marketing messaging for your small business


But what is “messaging,” and what does it have to do with marketing?

According to Hubspot, “A marketing message refers to the words you use to communicate with your audience to convince them to do business with you. Your message is extremely influential in helping you meet your business goals, as it can be the difference between a new acquisition or sending a customer on to your competitor.”

To simplify that definition, marketing messaging is your brand voice. 

It’s the tone of your writing, the style of your communication, and the content that you share with your audience. It’s the way you string words together to attract your ideal audience and forge a connection with them.

In theory, it seems straightforward, but it can feel daunting in practice

That’s because nailing your marketing message is nearly impossible unless you’ve already done the work to identify your positioning. 

Here’s what you need to craft your business’ messaging

  • Your target audience 

  • Your audience’s problem or pain points 

  • Your value proposition (how your business can solve your audience’s problem) 

  • Your business’ differentiators 

  • Your “why” (aka your mission statement) 

  • Your unique perspective and personality 

By deeply understanding your audience, business differentiators, and being true to yourself, you can craft strong marketing messaging to attract, convert, and retain your ideal audience. 

Still feeling a bit intimidated by the process? Don’t fret!

I’ve created the Positioning Powersheet (like a worksheet but BETTER) to make nailing your positioning & marketing messaging a BREEZE

Picture this:

I’m sitting down with you, walking you through each and every step to identifying and crafting your marketing messaging. I’m giving you all the tools and gritty details needed to position your business to sell in a crowded market effectively.

That’s what the Positioning Powersheet does!

It’s my one-on-one consultation services broken down into exercises (with lots of detailed guidance) for you to complete on your own.

I realized that it would be really helpful for small online businesses to have a detailed, step-by-step breakdown directing EXACTLY how to position their business for success. 

The Positioning Powersheet is broken down into three core steps

  • Identify your Differentiators 

  • Competitor Analysis 

  • Audience Persona Development 

Each step contains detailed instructions and thought-provoking questions to help guide you through the deep reflection and strategic thinking necessary to identify your positioning. 

It turns a seemingly daunting task into a VERY simple and straightforward worksheet!

Get yours today!


I’m Arianna, founder of Valle Creative Consulting, and I am so excited for you to dive into this powersheet (it’s like a worksheet but BETTER).

Through the work you’ll put into this process, you will emerge with a clear idea of how to position your business to stand out from the competition, and identify your ideal audience.

You get the same guidance, insights, and expertise as I provide my one-on-one clients at a FRACTION of the price.

The only difference is that you’re doing the work on your own. It’s profoundly reflective work and SO VERY rewarding. Identifying and crafting businesses’ positioning is probably my favorite project type.

Once you download the PDF, it is yours forever! I recommend revisiting your positioning once a year because your positioning may shift and grow in tandem as your business grows.

I hope you love the Positioning Powersheet. I had so much fun making it, and I can’t wait to hear how it helps grow your business!

What folks are saying:

Download this resource! You and your business will thank you!” - Rachael S.

“The positioning powersheet is such a thoughtful, accessible wealth of information. The exercises feel like the next best thing to a personal consultation, and I love that you can take breaks during the process and reuse the resource. I highly recommend this!” - Katie G.

100% of beta testers rated the Positioning Powersheet “extremely helpful” in identifying their positioning. 


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