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The Importance of Post-Sale Nurture Marketing

A lead has converted!

After having a mini dance party at your desk, consider how to make them a repeat customer. 

Too often, a lead converts, and then that’s it.

They have their product or service, and then what?

Yes, your offering is kick-a$$, and some people will make repeat purchases of their own volition.

However, humans are fickle. New shiny options are presented to them, and they may be led astray! 

Magpies are extremely intelligent birds that collect shiny, new, exciting objects. Humans are very similar, especially when it comes to their e-commerce habits.
You need to stay top of mind to attract repeat customers.

So, how do you turn a one-time customer into a loyal repeat customer? 

Simple: nurture them.

Nurture marketing is often utilized at the top of the funnel to engage your leads and turn them into customers.

Common nurture tactics include: 

  • Email Marketing 
  • Retargeting Ads 
  • Direct Mail 

You can apply the same tactics post-sale. 

Email marketing is the simplest and most effective way to nurture your customers post-purchase. 

Create a triggered email series that deploys when someone places an order. 

Here is a typical post-purchase email series: 

  • Confirmation email: Sent immediately after the order is processed, thanking them for their order and confirming the order details. 
  • Tips & Tricks email: sent 2-5 hours after the purchase is placed. In this email, provide insights into using and enjoying their purchase. A "how-to" guide works well here! 
  • Loyal Customer email: Send 24-48 hours after placing the order. Providing a loyal customer discount is a great way to encourage repeat sales. Have a code auto-generated for each order that provides a small discount or free shipping on their next order. This is especially impactful for e-commerce storefronts. 
  • Review Prompt: After providing ample time for your customer to use your product or service, have an automated email set up to ask them for their opinion.
    • Did they love it?
    • Have suggestions to improve it?
    • Demonstrate that you care about providing exactly what your customers want to experience, and they will keep returning to you for that experience.
  • Updates & Launch Announcements: Finally, when you launch a new product or have something exciting happening with your business, tell your past customers about it!
    • They’re already your fans, and if you show them preferential treatment (pre-launch access, sneak peeks, etc.) they will remain engaged with your brand.

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