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Identify your brand differentiators: Discover your “why.”

Use this quick exercise to identify your brand differentiator(s) by reflecting on why you started your business.

What are brand differentiators? They're the details that set your business apart from the competition. 

The motivating factors that led to your business launch are unique to you.

This uniqueness is what will set your brand apart from the competition.

Write down the reasons you started your business. Write down everything that comes to mind, similar to word association.

Now, for each motivating factor you identified, write down the Five Ws:

  • who,
  • what,
  • when,
  • where,
  • and why. 

For example, say you launched a ceramics studio. One of your motivating factors was to create beautiful and functional art.

  • Who will use/admire your art?

  • What makes it beautiful?

  • What makes it functional?

  • When is this art meant to be used/displayed?

  • Where is this art meant to be used/displayed?

  • Why will people want and buy this art?

As you can see, by using the Five Ws, you will uncover the nitty-gritty details of your "why."

These details contain your brand motivator(s).

Review your answers and note any patterns or commonalities among your responses.

From here, it will be MUCH EASIER to craft brand copy.

You'll be able to:

  • write your kick-ass mission statement,
  • create messaging that is true to your brand,
  • and highlight why your products/services are valuable to your audience.

Want someone else to handle the writing? Work with Valle Creative Consulting to craft your written brand identity! 

Your brand strategy is based on your unique voice, business story arc, targeted audience, and mission statement.

Developing your written brand identity is crucial for clear communication, marketing messaging, and business growth.

Let’s make your brand stand out amongst the competition.

Your written brand identity includes:

✨ Mission Statement

✨ Written Biography

✨ About the Biz Web Page Copy

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